Society is at a critical juncture

We live in increasingly unstable times. Whether it’s the climate crisis, health pandemics or the growing threat of international conflict, at times it feels like the very fabric of our society is crumbling.

We are governed by outdated political institutions that reflect little of the true feelings and opinions of the people. In the UK alone, over 72% of citizens believe the system of governance needs ‘quite a lot’ or ‘a great deal’ of improvement. People vote once every four years, and elected officials do what they want in between. Voters don’t get a say on 99% of the actions and decisions made by the government. Tax havens, public services spending, legalisation. The list goes on. 

We have a news media that is polarised and partisan, limiting and shaping how people think and feel. The shortcomings of mainstream news has been reflected in the recent explosion of alternative news, giving rise to many different silos of consensus. 

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become echo chambers, rather than a framework that fosters collaboration, action & leadership.

Societal change can enable a new reality

What if there was a framework that turbocharged social change, enabling communities of people to come together –no matter what their background or beliefs – to activate around local, national and global issues. Imagine a framework that could provide colour and flavour to the landscape of public opinion, improving the quality of discourse. A framework that fostered expression of the true feelings of people, allowing for nuance and depth across all issues.

Using technology as a force for good

Our vision for Shoaly is to transform the role that technology plays in society. Our AI platform will utilise advanced machine learning techniques to fuel citizen participation in building democracy. It will demonstrate that peoples opinion does count and has the ability to effect transformational societal change.

We believe that Shoaly can become a framework for a society shaped more by the masses. A society where the quality of discourse is improved, greater accountability of our elected representatives is realised, and a shared sense of responsibility is developed in how we can better sustain our planet.

You can find out more about how Shoaly works and register ahead of our planned launch in 2022.

Join us and help build the democracy we all deserve.