General Concept - FAQs

  • What is Shoaly?

    Shoaly exists to transform how people participate in democracy. Our digital platform enables people to coalesce around shared stances on key issues - transcending political divides and redesigning democracy from the ground up.

  • How does Shoaly work?

    Our platform creates shoals of users based on shared opinions around key issues and campaigns.

    The composition of a shoal is extensive - comprising people from across the political divide, and of different ages, races, genders and demographics.

    The predictive capabilities of Shoaly helps reflect back to user a better picture of their relationship to issues and identify their own bias. The use of machine learning techniques helps to surface different issues and voting topics to the user around a broad range of issues to better understand public opinion.

  • How much does it cost?

    Access to Shoaly is free for individual users.

    If you require access to the platform as an organisation or business, please contact us to learn more about enterprise access.

  • I'm a developer. Do you have an API?

    The Shoaly API will soon be available. Register your interest for an API key and access documents here.

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