Building democracy

Shoaly exists to transform how people participate in democracy. Our digital platform uses artificial intelligence to map opinion, empower citizens, and amplify their voice - redesigning democracy from the ground up.

Shoaly is building democracy for the digital era and giving expression to the nuance of opinion

Giving expression to the nuance of opinion

Imagine a framework that provides colour and flavour to the landscape of public opinion, improving the quality of discourse and enabling positive change on key issues.

Our vision

Shoaly represents a radical shift in how society can function, using technology as a force for good to better inform and empower citizens.

In the future, citizen powered ecosystems like Shoaly will become the living, breathing heart of true democracy.

The problem

Our political systems are outdated and not fit for purpose, we have a polarised and biased news media, and growing societal divisions.

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Our solution

Shoaly is a new technology, by the people, for the people, with the opportunity to disrupt and resculpt our systems of democracy.


Who we are

Our team has backgrounds in tech, big data and AI, with a desire to build a democratic system fit for the present day and beyond.

Meet the team
Democracy protests in Hong Kong

Enabling people power

By voting on issues, not parties, we discover the nuance we all share.

Disrupting the status quo

Humanity is at a critical juncture, yet partisan divisions mask our ability to form and tackle key issues effectively.

Shoaly represents a future beyond the echo chambers of social media, fostering an environment of collaboration, action & leadership.

  • Transformative

    Our transparent data approach enables users to make better decisions, reflect on deeper truths and step out of polarised thinking into a more collaborative society.

  • Accessible

    Shoaly provides the opportunity for everyone to participate in building democracy, no matter what their beliefs, opinions or political stances.

  • Building the future

    What we are seeking to create with Shoaly has never been done before. We're working to create a future that is shaped less by individuals and more by the masses. A future built in the interests of the many, not just the few.

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  • “It's never been easier to make your voice heard”
    Jemma Watson
    Bath, UK
  • Shoaly represents a radical shift in how we participate in democracy
    Ian Gregory
    London, UK
  • The solution we've all been waiting for
    Gabby Williamson
    Oxford, UK

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