Shoaly uses AI and big data to create a highly personalised user experience, redesigning democracy from the ground up.
  • Change is in your hands

Shoaly uses AI (artificial intelligence) to transform public opinion into positive change.

Advanced machine learning techniques map opinion to form 'shoals' of users around key issues.

The platform reflects data back to the user, helping people make better decisions, reflect on deeper truths, and step out of polarised thinking into a more collaborative society.

Shoaly develops and activation of ‘shoals’ - mapping and bringing together people of all political persuasions into cohesive targeted groups based on their shared positions on key issues.

A global framework

Shoals are generated by the platform based on user behaviour around voting topics and campaign engagement.

Activate in real-time

Vote on what you want, when you want and unlock tools to hold those in power to account. Discover, create & join the most impactful campaigns with local, national and global communities.


Shoaly uses the latest in digital security with 2-step ID verification required during registration and login.

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The Shoaly API makes it easy for developers to utilise key platform features alongside third party apps.

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All data on the Shoaly AI platform is encrypted, end-to-end, placing the user in control of their data.

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Effect change

Shoaly puts the building blocks of democracy at your fingertips. Get engaged, make your voice heard and create change.

This is democracy - by the people, for the people.

Shoaly uses AI (artificial intelligence) to transform public opinion into positive change.

Discover what you really believe in

Big data is at the heart of Shoaly's approach, helping you to see how your opinion shifts on key issues.

  • “It's never been easier to make your voice heard”
    Jemma Watson
    Bath, UK
  • Shoaly represents a radical shift in how we participate in democracy
    Ian Gregory
    London, UK
  • The solution we've all been waiting for
    Gabby Williamson
    Oxford, UK

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